Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

CHS has a comprehensive suite of KPIs contained in Service Level Agreements with CHFT, which are closely monitored and managed.  These include:

SLA General Office Services 
SLA002 Telecommunications:   
SLA003 Health & Safety Services:   
SLA004 Car Park Management:   
SLA006 Operations Maintenance Management:   
SLA007 Property Management:   
SLA008 Estates Capital Development & Small Works:   
SLA009 Energy & Utilities Management:   
SLA010 Waste Management:   
SLA011 Grounds & Gardens:   
SLA012 Fire Safety:   
SLA013 Medical Engineering:   
SLA014 Domestic Services:   
SLA015 Portering Services:   
SLA016 Linen Services:   
SLA017 Catering Services:  
SLA018 Transport Services:   
SLA019 Procurement:  
SLA020 Decontamination Services:   
SLA021 Management Provision of Equipment Services:  



Photos of CHFT's hospital buildings