Project Background

Management of the HRI newsagents was taken over by CHS following expiration of the previous supplier’s lease in November 2021. This allowed CHS to refresh the shop and its logo, review carried product lines and generally improve the aesthetics of the environment.

Engagement with our colleagues resulted in the outlet being renamed “Stop&Shop” and a new, clearer logo taking pride of place in our main entrance. Key information boards situated around the shop help colleagues, visitors and patients identify the purpose of the unit and the products available whilst walking through the main thoroughfare. The general flow and layout remain unchanged; however, the cosmetic uplift has resulted in more pleasant shopping and working experiences.

Works undertaken for CHS in collaboration with Wright Signs during 20/21 included:

  • Rebranding 
  • Paint refresh of facade and new signage to shop front 
  • New vinyl graphics to shopfront

This project was completed as part of a larger refurbishment programme, incorporating HRI’s Cafe 1831, Stop&Shop and Southside Dining facilities, which was delivered on time and within the allocated budget of £150k.


The preference was for a sales service to be maintained during the works, as it provides a valuable income stream for the Trust and sometimes vital service for those at the hospital. Being located in a live environment at the main hospital entrance, health and safety was a key driver in the programme and workflow. The works were securely and safely hoarded off to prevent any potential incidents from occurring.

Lessons Learned

  • The value of close stakeholder collaboration
  • Remaining adaptable throughout the pandemic
  • The value of engaging a reliable team of contactors

"A much brighter and more pleasant shopping experience all around.”

- Member of the public - 

What we did

The shop front alterations were undertaken in three parts, to reduce the impact during the shop’s main opening hours. A renewed cosmetic package of signage and flooring were applied, to give a cleaner, neater look than before. The estates team engaged with key stakeholders (e.g. Facilities and Fire Officer) in order to establish their needs and achieve the best design outcome.