Members of the Board and other staff classified as ‘decision-makers’ who are Band 7 or Grade G or above are required to complete an annual declaration. Board members are also asked to declare any interests they have before the start of each Board meeting. The following interests are required to be declared by all members of staff, including members of the Board:

  • Loyalty interests
  • Gifts
  • Hospitality
  • Outside employment
  • Shareholding and other ownership issues
  • Patents
  • Donations
  • Sponsored events
  • Sponsored research
  • Sponsored posts
  • Clinical Private Practice

Our register of interests for Decision Makers

Calderdale & Huddersfield Solutions Limited - Declarations of Interest Register 2023/24.

EmployeeRoleDateInterest TypeDate IncurredYearInterest DescriptionProvider TypeProviderValue
Jayne TaylorSecretary05/10/2023Nil Declaration 05/10/20232023/24   0
Claire Bushby-MuffittManager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Deborah GrundyManager05/10/2023Nil Declaration 05/10/20232023/24   0
Nicola Marshall Manager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Cheryl GibbonsSenior Manager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Samantha TurnerManager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Lee SinnottManager05/10/2023Nil Declaration 05/10/20232023/24   0
Robert RossManager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Daniel Smith Manager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Jammal Mohammed Officer05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Jaqui Yuen Manager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Ann HamedManager05/10/2023Nil Declaration05/10/20232023/24   0
Lorina CraggManager06/10/2023Nil Declaration06/10/20232023/24   0
Thomas Donaghey Senior Manager09/10/2023Nil Declaration09/10/20232023/24   0
Joseph StaintonSenior Manager09/10/2023Nil Declaration09/10/20232023/24   0
Zain NaeemSpecialist Healthcare Sceince Practioner12/10/2023Nil Declaration 12/10/20232023/24   0
Jason Clancy Electrician 16/10/2023Nil Declaration 16/10/20232023/24   0
Luke WhitleySpecialist Healthcare Science Practioner16/10/2023Nil Declaration16/10/20232023/24   0
Scott DownsboroughElectrician 17/10/2023Nil Declaration17/10/20232023/24   0

Calderdale & Huddersfield Solutions Limited - Board Of Directors Annual Declarations of Interests 2023/24

Calderdale & Huddersfield Solutions Limited - Board Of Directors Annual Declarations of Interests 2023/24

Date DeclaredInterest TypeEmployeeDate IncurredDate EndedYearDecision Making Interest Description (Abbveriated)ProviderValue
09/10/2023Nil DeclarationStuart Sugarman09/10/2023 2023/24Board of Directors, CHS Board of Directors  0
10/10/2023Nil DeclarationShahida Iqbal10/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of Directors  0
10/10/2023Outside EmploymentMark Adderley10/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of Directors Self-employed Director: Coach, Consultant and Interim Director. Executive coach, consultant, and interim director delivering coaching, consulting and strategic and change management advice to clients directly and as Associate of partners.Adderley Ltd0
10/10/2023Shareholdings and other ownership interestsMark Adderley 10/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of Directors Ordinary shares (No 100)Adderley Ltd0
10/10/2023Outside EmploymentMark Adderley10/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of DirectorsMember of the Management Advisor Board for SPPA. Administering the pensions for employees of the NHS, Teachers', Police and Firefighters' schemes in Scotland, and responsible for providing policy advice to Ministers on public sector pensions.
Appointed by Scottish Ministers - part time NED role.
Scottish Public Pensions Agency0
10/10/2023Outside EmploymentMark Adderley10/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of DirectorsChair of Advisory Board:World Squash Officiating0
25/10/2023Outside EmploymentMark Adderley22/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of Directors Independent, Voluntary Chair  WSO Steering GroupWorld Squash Officiating0
02/09/2021Loyalty Interest Stuart Baron02/09/2021 2021/22,
CHFT Board of Directors & CHS Board of DirectorsDirectorCHFT/CHS0
19/10/2023Outside EmploymentTim Busby19/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of DirectorsChief Financial OfficerRosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd0
19/10/2023Shareholdings and other ownership interestsTim Busby19/10/2023 2023/24CHS Board of Directors1.5% shareholding in management stripRosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd0