If you are appointed to join our dedicated, warm and friendly team, which provides compassionate care to the local populations of Huddersfield and Calderdale, we can offer numerous benefits and opportunities such as induction, education and ongoing development programme.


Our induction is well planned to help you become familiar with your new working environment and to work effectively.  

During our induction, we will cover the following themes:

  • Physical Orientation - telling you all about the local area and location in the UK
  • Organisational Orientation - Explaining how you fit into the team
  • Health and Safety - includes fire safety, manual handling and infection control
  • Information on the organisation’s history, service, culture and values, including an appreciation of equality and diversityissues
  • A clear outline of the job and its requirements
  • How structured training, where appropriate,  will be provided in line with national standards
  • IT and communication arrangements (eg, use of intranet)
  • Clinical governance, complaints handling and risk management


Employees of CHS have access to a wide range of fantastic offers and services, which include:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Onsite nursery
  • Staff Benefits Handbook
  • Access to CHS Intranet 
  • Access to NHS Discounts
  • Staff Social Committee
  • Access to pension scheme
  • CHS Employee Handbook