CHS recognises that its staff are its greatest asset and that its business is its people.

The company aims to create an environment and culture of openness, trust and honesty.  We encourage and celebrate diversity because broader perspectives, skills, experience and knowledge will enrich and enhance the value we bring to each other, our clients, shareholders and other stakeholders.

We currently have a workforce of around 450 staff based at Huddersfield and Halifax and we are committed to providing a range of quality services for our customers that offer value for money.

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Our Values and Behaviours (formerly The 4 Pillars)

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust (CHFT) refreshed values and behaviours, formerly known as our four pillars, will be at the heart of how we approach our work. By demonstrating our behaviours, we will ensure we are all working to be the best that we can be and help improve our culture. Our values will be at the heart of everything we do and how we treat each other.

They were developed with input from colleagues and provide essential guiding principles about the way that we work, set the tone for our culture, and identify what we care about. They will help build a common purpose and understanding which will ultimately support inclusion, belonging and great working relationships.

Valuing diversity

CHS is an inclusive employer and service provider who values diversity in the workplace and commits to employ and develop people on the basis of their ability. The Company will not tolerate any kind of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation of its employees and will investigate any reported incidents in the workplace.

Our commitment to each other:

  • We will treat everyone with respect, consideration and without prejudice.
  • We will respect others’ privacy, dignity and preferences.
  • We will be sensitive to others’ backgrounds, religion, beliefs or cultures as well as their gender, sexual orientation, age and any disabilities they are known or perceived to have.
  • We will avoid making assumptions and/or stereotyping others with respect to these matters.
  • We will avoid making derogatory and/or discriminatory comments, jokes or remarks, which may isolate and hurt others.

CHS will seek to resolve any informal or formal complaint via the Grievance Procedure and this includes but is not limited to mediation and counselling.  Any acts of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation against employees or customers will be dealt with under the Discriminatory Procedure where appropriate.

Standards of performance and behaviour

Besides the values and behaviours set out by CHFT that are expected of and must be demonstrated by all our employees there are 7 principles with descriptions of associated behaviours to ensure there is clarity about ‘the way we do things here’ and to understand our expectations of each other.

Be Respectful

  • treat everyone with courtesy and respect - be consistently friendly, welcoming and attentive and show kindness, compassion and empathy
  • focus on the needs or service users - present a positive attitude and offer 'excellent service with a smile'
  • anticipate, listen and respond to the needs of others
  • treat others as they would wish to be treated
  • respect diversity and value difference

Be Responsible

  • accept full responsibility for my words, behaviours, attitudes and actions
  • recognise the impact of my decisions
  • provide a service that I am proud of
  • reflect the Company values in all I do
  • act as an ambassador for the organisation
  • always give of my best

Be Accountable

  • act professionally and consistently at all times
  • own what is mine and follow things through
  • contribute to my team's collective responsibility
  • identify and escalate risks
  • add value to the organisation through what I do and how I behave

Be Courageous

  • support new ways of working
  • offer positive challenge to what we do and how we do it
  • seek out and give constructive feedback
  • participate in and contribute to frank and honest discussions
  • acknowledge and address my development needs
  • look for innovative solutions

Be Inspirational

  • look for and get involved in opportunities that improve services
  • develop myself and my colleagues
  • motivate, encourage and support others
  • demonstrate the passion and energy I have for my work
  • listen to understand - show genuine concern for others
  • act with integrity - lead by example and walk the talk
  • act consistently

Be Positive

  • promote a learning culture not a blame culture at every level
  • demonstrate a can-do attitude - 'how can we make this work?'
  • identify problems and focus on solutions
  • embrace, promote and support change
  • keep the 'big picture' in mind
  • demonstrate resilience in difficult times

Be A Team Player

  • share my ideas, skills and knowledge with others
  • recognise, celebrate and share success with my team, other colleagues and the company
  • work collaboratively and positively with others across team boundaries to get the job done
  • seek to build and nurture new relationships
  • recognise and value everyone's contribution
  • remember we are all working together
  • be loyal to my colleagues, my manager and the organisation