Our Green Plan and Sustainability


The CHFT Green Plan was created by WRM on behalf of CHS and is a 3 to 5 year Board approved strategy, outlining our organisational aims, objectives, and delivery plans for sustainable development.


The Green Plan helps us to:

  1. Deliver the NHS Long-Term plan
  2. Improve the health of the local community
  3. Achieve our financial goals
  4. Meet our legislative requirements.

The Green Plan calculates a carbon baseline for the Trust using historic ERIC data.


An ambitious Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) has also been developed for the Trust, which sets out a range of interventions for delivery between 2020-2025.


Key areas of focus

  • Reducing our carbon emissions
  • Reducing our contribution to air pollution
  • Reducing our generation of waste and improving recycling



The Trust has approved the following targets for carbon reduction, in line with national commitments:



  • Net zero for the NHS Carbon Footprint (scope 1&2 emissions).
    1. 100% reduction of direct carbon emissions by 2040:
    2. 80% reduction achieved between 2028-2032 (interim target).


  • Net zero for the NHS Carbons Footprint Plus (scope 3 incl. patient / visitor travel):
    1. 100% reduction of indirect / supply chain emissions by 2045:
    2. 80% reduction achieved between 2036-2039 (interim target).


The following targets have also been adopted:

Air Pollution:

  • The Trust will convert 90% of our fleet to low, ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles by 2028.
  • The Trust will cut air pollution emissions from business mileage and our fleet by 20% by March 2024.
  • The Trust will work to reduce single occupancy journeys.



  • The Trust will achieve a minimum recycling target of 40% for non-clinical waste streams.
  • The Trust will sign and adopt the Single-Use Plastic Pledge.
  • The Trust will adopt a Zero to Landfill policy- sending no waste to landfill by 2021.     


The Green Plan Document

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