The existing staff facilities were aged and in much need of renewal and refurbishment. CHS accepted the task of managing a design to improve the environment for staff, and delivering this high end project over a challenging programme.


All works were undertaken within a live hospital and working environment. As the spaces are the only staff facilities at the hospital, suitable, secure temporary accommodation had to be made available at speed to allow a decant and the builders works to progress.

Unknown on site issues had to be contended with, including a challenging built environment and not previously recorded issues that were uncovered, delays with long lead in items and procurement issues in the global supply chain and Covid-19 around 2020 – 2021.

These in turn applied pressure on a lean budget, in order to achieve value for money within the allotted framework.

Lessons learned

The difficult programme necessitated a robust design deliverable package for details and construction. Going forward, the use of a more granular programme, closely monitored, would assist with smooth delivery of similarly challenging timeframes and procurements. 

Flexibility of material choice will also result in a more agile delivery within difficult procurement and supply chain environments. 

“100% better, light and clean. Showers are a lot better - nice to have clean, modern facilities and it makes the staff feel a little more appreciated. The workmen were polite and professional at all times. Massive improvement from previous facilities. Feel much comfortable as there is better provision for changing space.”

- Feedback from staff members -


The scheme had an overwhelmingly positive reception by staff. The spaces have been transformed into a light and airy environment that not only provide much improved staff facilities but also a cleaner, functional space with a robust, long-lasting finish.