Our vision: 
Together we will deliver outstanding compassionate care to the communities we serve.

Our behaviours: 
We put the patient first / We go see / We do the must dos / We work together to get results

Table showing our goals for the next 5 years.
StrategyInitiatives from TrustInternal ObjectivesExternal / Commercial strategy
Our goals (The Result)Transforming & improving patient careKeeping the base safeStaff: A workforce for the futureCSR / SustainabilityFinancial effectiveness and efficiencyBringing in houseExternal business
Our ResponseWe will provide a safe and welcoming environment in HRI, CRH and in community sites with regards to patient experience and their journey through the hospital care service, including delivering the Reconfiguration programme.We will help CHFT achieve a CQC rating of outstanding for estates and facilities services.We continue development of a flexible, multi-skilled workforce capable of responding to changes and challenges of Hospital reconfiguration now and in future and commercial developmentWe will deliver actions identified within the new Green Plan and Sustainability Action Plan.

We will coordinate the delivery of the Trust's Travel Plan, Working alongside the Active Hospitals' lead.

We will work with CHFT to achieve all targets as detailed in the Trust’s strategy,  which are applicable to CHS services.


We will explore bringing in house all those services that could be delivered more effectively and efficiently that way, starting with a review of cyclical maintenance contracts.We will look at the development option of the contract decontamination with other Trusts.
We will continue to meet our KPIs to CHFT
We will work with other Trusts and WOSs, the ICS and WYAAT to provide improved services and efficiencies in relation to service delivery and the patient environment.We will continue to develop a staff culture of safety, care, quality, value and patient focus by 'leading by example'.We will provide leadership development opportunities and training for all staff to meet future changes, financial challenges and career aspirations. Apprenticeships at all levels will be embedded in organisation.

We will ,where possible, meet our corporate and social responsibility obligations.

We will improve efficiency according to Model Hospital KPIs for property, space utilisation and facilities management costs.We will work with the Trust and other partners on plans post reconfiguration for the provision of the best services in the new build at Calderdale.We will continue to engage with PFI and ICS colleagues to create a range of activities across states and facilities management in order to achieve maximum efficiencies and cost reduction.
We will continue to develop patient facing services and ensure a consistent 7 day service delivery model, including colleagues and management.We will continue to ensure Statutory Compliance by 'doing the must dos' and ensuring all required duties are met, including compliance with health and safety and NHS Security Protect standards.

We will aim to be an excellent employer by widening participations, providing a healthy workplace and fostering an open culture where we listen to colleagues and celebrate our successes.

We will engage with the Trust to ensure that sustainability is embedded into Capital works and development plans.

Overall there will be a substantial increase in our revenue and turnover, with details to be provided in each annual plan. We will provide opportunities across a wider area for shared learning, workforce and business development.

We will be consistently delivering our annual financial plans and demonstrating value for money.

We will develop a new communication hub working with CHFT covering switchboards, bleep systems and other methods of connecting.We will continue to exploit new and emerging technology to improve services and patient care,we will continue to work to achieve a workforce that is diverse and which reflects all levels of the communities we serve.We will continue to engage with staff on key environmental agendas i.e. relating to carbon and energy reduction.We will support the local economy where possible such as through local business, supply chains and skills development. We will seek to exploit and develop business opportunities as they arise or are identified.